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Let’s have a transformative conversation to shift your perception of “school”. In this case, we need to talk to showcase how our unique approach revolutionizes the learning experience.

Imagine having the entire bar at your disposal, all within the comfort and convenience of your own home. With our program, you can become certified with the guidance of a dedicated instructor.

Experience the unparalleled advantage of a private instructor who tailors the lessons to your pace and needs.

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97% LBS students starts their bartending career within first 2 weeks after certification.

75% LBS alumnus double return on LBS classes within first 6 weeks

Are you prepared to embark on your journey to become a bartender?

Immerse yourself in the art of bartending through engaging in-person lessons.

How to set up a bar work station

How to memorise cocktail recipes

How to use all of a bartender’s tools

How to increase tips

How to prepare 200+ drinks quickly and easily

All equipment and learning materials will be provided

Secure your dream job through the LBS Placement Program!

Achieve employment opportunities with LBS upon graduation.

Huge database of local bars and restaurants for LBS students.

LBS provides nationwide bartenders for events and weddings.

LBS students are thriving in renowned bars and restaurants across the industry.

“Phil is at Bar One Miami Beach”

“Louse is at Hilton Roof Bar”

“Kelly is at XS Vegas Night Club”

“Joe is at BarChef Toronto”

Eliminate the need to travel to a state-authorized testing facility.

Experience the convenience of a facility that comes to you. LBS stands apart as the only school offering certification in all states through a single in-home, hands-on course right at your doorstep.

Prepare for an extraordinary experience as we bring the party directly to your home!

We offer customised program: workdays or weekends, mornings or afternoons – You can pick up your own schedule!

Six, nine or 12 hours of personal training is combined with our online platform. A REAL bartender shows you the ropes!

Our instructors travel to your home. It is the same price as our classes. So, Why not?

Your Course Includes a Practice Kit With: ($65 value)

Try a Bartending Lesson, on Us!

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Your Privacy is Protected. Trial lesson is a 30 minute private session.

Bartending jobs /bartending license

Introduction to Mixology

Learn the basics of bartending hands-on behind a real bar!

Start your bartending job/career

The first step to getting your bartending license is attending a bartending school to learn a new skill that can be profitable and enjoyable. The hospitality industry has a shortage of skilled bartenders. If you are looking for a fun and exciting job where you can work full time or part-time a bartending job may be for you! During the bartending class you will watch as the instructor demonstrates how to make basic and popular drinks and cocktails and then you will go behind the bar and practice making each drink. You will learn over 100 drinks total shots, shooters, mixed drinks, blended drinks, beer and wine as well as alcohol awareness and customer service. You also will learn to memorize glassware, ingredients, portions, and garnishes.

Advanced Mixology

The  Advanced Mixology class is for those who want to take their bartending skills to the next level! Boise Bartending School offers one of the most comprehensive mixology classes in the nation! The advanced mixology course will give a superior understanding of all assets of bartending. Upon completion of the advanced mixology course you will automatically position yourself with an advantage to secure the most desirable bartending opportunities available! 

Job placement

Upon completion of the bartending classes you will be eligible for lifetime job placement at local bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, and golf courses as well as private parties such a weddings, special events, bachelor & bachelorette parties, etc…We also offer nationwide job placement with our bartending school affiliates around the country.

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